Genshin Impact Fans Are Upset About Missing Out On Top Character Venti

Genshin Impact is releasing a banner with a new character to be collected later today, which means the old promo is over, featuring Venti, one of the best options in the game. While the Venti campaign has been going on since its launch, many people have never been able to get the green lyre musician despite spending money specifically for this purpose.

Shooting Venti was always a rare event. It’s not just that the entire gacha experience is based on a scarcity model, the game clearly tells you how low the odds are. When you made a wish on the Venti banner, your chances of getting a five-star character were only 0.6%. However, Venti was not the only high-ranking character to be acquired, so getting him was never guaranteed unless he made an obscene number of wishes or otherwise left a lot of real money in the free-to-play game.

There are asterisks in this, but generally speaking, you’re really lucky if you’ve managed to get the Venti.

And so, over the past few days, many Genshin Impact fans have been sharing stories about how much money they lost while hoping for Venti or complaining about their lousy luck. Some people have been playing for weeks without the Venti or any other high-level pull.

Venti will likely come back at some point and may not be able to maintain its current high tier in the long run. Also, there are no really bad Genshin Impact characters. With a little planning, you can always build a team around supposedly weak options. But for some people, Genshin Impact is their first gacha game. So dealing with these limited-time promotions for rare characters and the media pressure that comes with it is new.

Even if you didn’t want Venti in the beginning, watching people brag about taking him down, knowing that he would walk away for a while, made him more appealing than by proxy. Plus, when you get enough of the basic characters, you start wanting to complete the entire collection, including Venti. The main story also spends a lot of time with Venti, a fact that may eventually endear some players to him. Genshin Impact also rewards players with free currency for a limited trial run with Venti, making it temporarily playable during a challenge. Trying this experiment might make some players discover that Venti is a lot of fun.

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