Sony Has Taken The Trademarks Of Next PS Consoles

Five new trademarks that secure the company names for up to five generations of potential PlayStation consoles have been published by Sony. These trademarks allow Sony to use exclusive use of the terms PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9, and PS10. The publication of these trademarks was taken by the trademark blogger Piercesword as discovered by Gematsu.

We are familiar with this approach from Sony. Because there are examples. Trademarks for the PS4 and PS5 were filed back in 2006, while PS2 and PS3 trademarks were filed a year in advance of each console’s release.

Sony does this process but it’s not guaranteed that these consoles are planning to be made by Sony. Moreover, it precedes to take the PS branding before other companies do. For example, if PS7 is never made by Sony, there will be no PS7 from any other company, too. Let’s see what Sony will bring us in the future.

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