Rockstar Takes The Ruffian Games Under Its Structure

Ruffian Games, the developer company of Crackdown 2, has been purchased and rebranded as ‘Rockstar Dundee’ by Rockstar.

The news came thanks to a report from The Gamer. Rockstar Dundee page lists 10 major submissions on October 6, 2020. These include the name change, a change of registered address, Take-Two Interactive Software assuming significant control of the company, and a series of new employees being confirmed as directors of the studio.

Ruffian Games was founded by studio head Gary Liddon and Creative Director Billy Thomson, in 2008. However, both seem to have left the company after the acquisition, with files pointing to the end of their positions as directors in the studio and the loss of critical controls.

Ruffian Games account posted a tweet back in October 2019 and noted that they were working on “unspecified titles for @RockstarGames”. This indicates that Ruffian Games have been working with Rockstar for at least a year before being officially incorporated into the publisher. No one knows for certain what this transformation into Rockstar Dundee means, but that’s the truth that Ruffian Games joins the crew working on future games for Rockstar.

Ruffian had previously worked on Kinect Star Wars, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and Crackdown 3, besides Crackdown 2.

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