Animal Crossing players ready for the pumpkin patch

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players say farewell to their community’s swimming pools and cliffside dive spots. The reason is that Nintendo updated New Horizons on September 30 with a fall and Halloween-themed patch and brought a host of new, seasonal activities to the game.

Players have become eager for new content, tired of diving for pearls and oysters. For this reason, they started to make room on their islands and create seasonal areas to take advantage of the game’s new features immediately. For many gamers, this means transforming old summer fun spaces into pumpkin patches.

Halloween lovers playing New Horizons were always on hand. Since the game’s first release earlier this year, players have been using similar methods, such as the hat-and-bean pumpkin, to create horror settings in New Horizons. Horror lovers didn’t need a reason to spill blood all over their island. For them, New Horizons has always been a horror game. YouTube creator Evil Imp even created a seriously disturbing horror movie trailer using elements provided by Nintendo.

With New Horizons September 30 update, Nintendo is adding new immortal skin tones and Halloween costumes. The players are looking forward to the new update.

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