Microsoft Has Revealed The Cost Of 1TB Expandable Storage Drive For Xbox Series X And S

The price of the proprietary expanded storage cards for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S has been revealed by Microsoft. Their cost starts at $219.99 for 1TB of extra space.

In the website of Best Buy, a listing for the 1TB Game Drive for Xbox Series X and Series S appeared, and this confirms the prices. When we look at the product overview, this is the only available expansion card that replicates the Xbox Velocity Architecture. It provides richer environments, more immersive gameplay, and faster load times. However, it can be used in next-gen games only. 

Thanks to Xbox Series S sporting a slimmer 512GB SSD, the company probably thought that the expandable drive would boost the console’s usefulness. But this may be less attractive now because if we take the extra storage cost into account, the console goes up to around $520; and this is more than the price of Series X. 

But according to what Microsoft has said, even if this drive is the only one that is compatible with Xbox Velocity architecture, manufacturers from other companies may release their expandable storage at a later date, and this will probably decrease the prices. 

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