The US Government Focuses On Tencent Games

US President Donald Trump decided to ban the Tencent-owned WeChat app in August, and there were rumors that the company’s huge gaming portfolio will be strictly examined. Riot Games, 40 percent shares of Epic Games, and many other shares of other companies belong to Tencent. 

According to the report of Bloomberg, the examination has started. The Committee on Foreign Investment of the US sent messages to Riot Games, Epic Games, and other companies, saying that they will handle personal data security.

The reason for this situation is probably the same as WeChat’s and TikTok’s. In these orders, Trump says these apps share the personal data of the people in the USA, with Chinese Communist Party. 

Microsoft said that they had given an offer to buy TikTok’s US shares, but this was rejected by ByteDance. Recently, Walmart and Oracle cooperate to buy a majority stake of TikTok. 

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