NVIDIA RTX IO Comes To Give A Unique Experience In Speed

A lot of rumors have been roaming around about the magical SSD architecture of PS5. This architecture is believed to bring us a lightning-quick loading times and streaming speeds era that we are unfamiliar to. But, this is over.

A new I/O architecture named RTX IO has been announced by NVIDIA, which is believed to utilize Microsoft’s DirectStorage API and to make an enormous splash in performance through lowering the press and loading the programs directly from the GPU. That’s to say, there will be no more CPU problems, and a dramatic deduction in processor utilization as much as 20x.

RTX IO is said to allow users to benefit performance that 100 times quicker than standard hard drives and obsolete APIs. “Object pop-in and stutter can be reduced, and high-quality textures can be streamed at incredible rates, so even if you’re speeding through a world, everything runs and looks great. In addition, with lossless compression, game download and install sizes can be reduced, allowing gamers to store more games on their SSD while also improving their performance.” the company stated.

Group Program Manager for Windows Graphics and Gaming, Bryan Langley, wrote in a passage that “Microsoft is delighted to partner with NVIDIA to bring the benefits of next-generation I/O to Windows gamers,” adding “DirectStorage for Windows will let games leverage NVIDIA’s cutting-edge RTX IO and provide game developers with a highly efficient and standard way to get the best possible performance from the GPU and I/O system. With DirectStorage, game sizes are minimized, load times reduced, and virtual worlds are free to become more expansive and detailed, with smooth & seamless streaming.” to his words.

It has yet to be cleared if this quality belongs new GeForce RTX 30 Series of NVIDIA. Because it may be available for Turing-based GPUs, either. Let’s see what will happen in the upcoming days.

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