Sony Makes People Get DualSense Controller To Play Games Special To PS5

Earlier of this month, Sony revealed how current-gen controllers and peripherals would work with the PS5. Some types of equipment that we use while playing the games, including racing wheels, arcade sticks, and flight sticks together with gaming headsets that connect via USB or audio jack, will all work with the PS5, but controllers are a bit more complicated. DualShock 4 controllers and current third-party controllers will work while playing supported PS4 games on PS5 only. That’s to say if you want to play games that special to PS5, you must get Sony’s DualSense controller. Xbox players will be able to use these controllers with Series X, while PS5 players will not.

That’s not a new trend but this decision is more like a trick that Sony wants. The players have to abandon their current controllers to play new games while moving to PS5. And this means more sales for Sony. These controllers are twice or three times as expensive as the basic Xbox One or DualShock 4 controller. These products let players get extra features, such as back buttons, trigger stops, and swappable parts. Moreover, the players can arrange the buttons however they want. PS5 is sent with a DualSense controller without extra buttons. If you don’t need them, then there is not any problem. But it’s distressing that the players that need them won’t be able to use their current hardware.

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