New Update To The Untitled Goose Game

The goose game will be in Steam, and the developer of the game , House House, announced that the honk-‘em-up will be released on September 23, and a new two-player co-op mode will come for all platforms.
We will meet a new goose, a new hank and the same horrible altitude with this update. The whole game will be able to be played in co-op mode, allowing players to be more destructive in the game, infuriating hijinks from start to the end.
Some players may see the game ridiculous, and they are right if we are to be honest. But the game is so good at what it does that it enables people to play as bad guy in an expressive way. In reality, you are not a bad person; but in the game you are goose and while you are not in the world to blow up buildings or killing people, your genetic responsibility takes over the things and urges you to make irritating noises, frighten people and chase them around their yards.
The players can get the double-gooser update for free on the Epic Games store and consoles. Moreover, it will be added to the Steam and versions of Untitled Goose Game.

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