After the Success of Persona 4 Golden, Sega will Port New and Old Games to PC

Sega seems to be convinced by the success of Persona 4 Golden. To an investor question about plans to sell newly launced games on Steam, a Sega executive responsed “We will continue to actively promote porting previously released titles to Steam and new platforms,”. It can be said that more old Sega games and probably more Atlus RPGs will be ported to Steam. And series like Yakuza can come to Steam fastly after their releases. During a Question and Answer after their first quarter financial results report for Fiscal Year 2021, bosses of Sega said it as Persona Central spotted. Especially in the West, the sales of Persona 4 Golden on PC were very good for the sales for the fiscal quarter of Sega since Persona 4 Golden sold over half a million copies on PC a month ago.

The full response of Sega Sammy President and COO Haruki Satomi: “We remastered “Persona 4 the Golden”, a title previously sold on the PlayStation Vita, and released it for sale on Steam this fiscal year. Because of the game’s critical acclaim and its low selling price, sales were much stronger than expected. We will continue to actively promote porting previously released titles to Steam and new platforms. We are also negotiating with platform holders for new games in the future, and we’re considering ways to sell under favorable conditions for each title. Among them are measures such as preparing PC versions of the titles from the beginning, with multi-platform releases in mind.”

In recent years, the passing of Sega to selling on PC has been remarkable as the developers have gone so far as to become a leading PC Strategy games publisher by acquiring developers Creative Assembly, Amplitude Studios, Relic Entertainment, and the latest Two Point Studios.

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