Battle like Ice: CoD Black Ops

There’s a crimson door away. Whose door is that door?

One of the critical news about CoD was that the new call was compared to the cold war. Of course, the articles about Orwell have a big impact here. After the approval of the second Doritos title, the tension between the rare country just north of the Black Sea and the rest of the world also suits this title. When you look at it, “The Black Sea is cold, I stout, especially the north cuts ice.” such a word is also famous. (There is no such thing, the word is my word. I just made up.)

It can be said that according to some of the promotional packages torture will come during the Doritos conversation, where everything will turn into a fight for 2 XP, not 1. Oh, by the way, there is a new logo event that you haven’t even seen in your dream.

Activision shooter. This is related to the crimson door that is far away. Get a little excited! When you talk about CoD, do you want to be silent?

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