Campaign of Halo Infinite is Supporting 2-Player Split Screen and up to 4-Player Online

Campaign of Halo Infinite is Supporting 2-Player Split Screen and up to 4-Player Online

Head of design at 343 Industries, Jerry Hook, has clarified that Halo Infinite will support 2-player Split Screen and 4-player Online but not four players locally.

Since Local co-op gameplay has been a part of the Halo franchise from the beginning, when Halo: Guardians launched without the feature, some fans were disappointed.

343 had mentioned about four-player back in 2018 since the footage drew comparisons to both the Spartan Ops and Fireflight modes, the recent reveal of Halo Infinite’s gameplay was only an opinion. Not every fan missed Halo: Guardians, The fact that most modern triple A games do not contain splitscreen with the rise of online games has replaced the desire or need of local splitscreen games.

Halo Infinite has made more than few changes during its development ever since and will contunue to do more before the game starts. Jerry Hook went to Twitter and said “Hey everyone I saw some reports of campaign supporting 4 player Split screen for campaign and just want to correct. Halo Infinite will be supporting 2 player split screen and 4 player online co-op for campaign. Sorry about the confusion.”

This news follows Halo Infinite’s announcement on the Xbox Games Showcase, where franchise fans started in 2001 looked for the first time in the latest campaign.

This latest entry will make Halo open world with upgrades to discover and new weapons to find. Since Halo Infinite will be a platform for new Halo experiences for the foreseeable future, a Halo Infinite 2 / Halo 7 should not be expected in the near future.

With a rampant Cortana missing and Master Chief adrift in space, Halo Infinite takes place after the ending of Halo 5.For those new in the series, Halo Infinite should be a great starting point for new fans, but those who know the Halo lore will be rewarded.

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