A Big Update To GTA Online Is On The Way

Rockstar confirms GTA 5 will get a big update and a new heist will be added and placed in a completely new location. With this update, the GTA 5 map will include more places for us players to visit.

According to the news published on Rockstar’s Blog, Red Dead Redemption Online will receive updates on July 28 and GTA online will receive in the next weeks.

A new role and a new frontier pursuit will be added to Red Dead Redemption Online. According to the blog post, Frontier Pursuit will focus on hunting. The update will include a new outlaw pass and bug fixes.

The new update to GTA Online is the largest, according to Rockstar. The update will include a new location, a new heist, and new content for the game.

Where can Rockstar take us with the update, to the middle of the map like Casino or a completely different location?

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