Rocket League will be free to play

Rocket League game, whose aim is to control a car and score a goal against the opposite net, will be free after this summer. The developer of the game, Psyonix, shared the news today from their social media accounts and the game’s blog. As part of the news, the game will be launched on Epic Games Store as free to play and will no longer be accessible on Steam. The game will continue to be sold on Steam until the game is free (the sale price is $ 20).
After the game is free, people who have the game in the Steam library will still play it. Gamers who have already purchased the game will be rewarded with some cosmetic products.
The reason for the game to leave Steam and switch to the Epic Games Store is that the game was purchased by the Epic Games Store in recent months.
An update to change the menus and tournament system will come with the game being free.

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