Interest For The Beta Of Mortal Shell

Opened for everyone two weeks ago, the beta of Mortal Shell attracted people more than expected and more than 350.000 gamers played the beta version.
Cold Symmetry is quite satisfied with the interest players showed for the game. A beta, which can be entered with invitation only, was considered before, but when the studio saw the interest in invitations especially on social media, they decided to open the game for everyone in order to gather more feedback.
The studio has revealed some interesting statistics about the beta. First of all, they said that the game has reached over 5 millions views on YouTube and Twitch, which is a very serious figure for the beta. Even those, who don’t play the beta, followed the broadcasts, wondering what the game is like.
If you played the beta, you must have seen the cat. In Fallgrim Outskirts, there is a cat sitting on the Vlas’s table, which can be found behind a passage. When players approach this cat, they can love it and this is shown with a very cute intermediate stage. This cat was 150 thusand times, may be that’s why the game gathered more interest than expected.
Players hope the developer team takes the feedback they gathered from beta seriously. Thus, the game world will have another really nice ‘soulslike’ game.

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