New Member of The Lego Is Coming

The Nintendo Entertainment System LEGO, which is intended to be announced soon, leaked from China earlier as planned. In the images shared by the Chinese webpage VJGamer, there are NES console, a small television, controller and a cartridge of Super Mario Bros in this new LEGO set. After these leaks, LEGO made an official announcement and we met with the set.
Consisting of 2646 pieces, the set’s background in the television is also moving. When the Mario figure in the Adventures with Mario Starter Course used, additional features are unlocked, including the music.
The price of the set will be approximately $229, according to StoneWars. But it is important to keep in mind that a creaking retro television is included in the set. The LEGO Lovers count the days to add a new member to their collections. The set’s launch date is August 1.

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