New Record From The Super Mario

The copy of the Super Mario Bros., one of the most known games of the world, which was published in the year 1985, has been the most expensive Super Mario Bros. game ever sold because of its rare hanging place and packaged condition.
It is an undeniable fact that the collectors can pay for the certain items more than their standard fee. However, a collector paid for a Super Mario Bros. game so much that many people couldn’t believe that.
The largest amount given for a copy which was made for the NES(Nintendo Entertainment System) is known to be 100.150 dollars But an auction took place at Heritage Auctions and a client gave 114.000 dollars.
The previous record was broken last year, and this was older than the new record-breaking copy. But the latter copy was announced for NES console as an exit game in 1985. Afterwards, we all know that how Mario has come to be great name in the game world.
If we are to talk about why this Super Mario Bros. game is more special, we can say that the game’s package has a hanging place. According to the informations given by the IGN, this hanging places made by cardboard, before the plastic hangers became widespread, were only used in the ’black box’ in the test marketing in the USA.

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