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CoD: Warzone’s Gulag now in Minecraft

To the attention of Warzone lovers. Gulag has already made his place in the Minecraft universe.


Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the latest products of the battle royale craze. One of the most remarkable features of the game is that you come to life in Russian prisons called Gulag at your first death. If you can get rid of the 1v1 war you have given in prison, you have a chance to return to the game.

A Reddit user who loves Warzone and Minecraft has decided to merge them. Adapting this interesting system of the Battle royale game to Minecraft, leonejedi has managed to create Gulag in the Minecraft universe. He even set his spawn point to Gulag, where he died again when he died.

Now all we need is a few players …. Then we can start throwing stones at each other …

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