Off Day of Mixer

Let the countdown begin for July 22. For a company of technology giants like Microsoft, this date is a bit heartbreaking. Because Microsoft has decided to turn off the Mixer service, which it once established with the aim of competing with companies such as Twitch, Youtube and Facebook. It is a matter of curiosity that Microsoft made this decision and the events that will develop in the continuation of this decision.

Microsoft has made a plan for this, which it has decided to end its broadcast life on July 22nd. It has already reached an agreement with Facebook Gaming, its business partners. Publishers broadcasting to their followers on Mixer will now reach their fans via Facebook.

Having failed to obtain the desired followers and audience, Microsoft’s service experienced great contradictions in the decision phase regarding Mixer. This chain of contradictions would have consequences such as Mixer being sold, handed over, or continuing to really strive for competition. When he could not get the number of people he wanted, he decided to close the decision. As of July 22, Mixer will not be in your presence. You can access the publishers you follow, via Facebook.

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