Fallout 76’s Latest Patches are Total Disasters!

Bethesda recently released a patch which reintroduced the issues that had been taken care of in a previous patch. The worse part is; right after they realized what they did they prepared a “hotfix”. The so called “hotfix” introduced just another bug!

At first Patch 5 was released and it brought back the issues that were already taken care of in Patch 4 such as ridiculously heavy bobby pins. And then the “hotfix” came… A lot of fellow gamers lost their crafting materials. This was a heavy hit my friends…

Bethesda has not released any further updates until now. Come on guys! How can you make it worse? Think about the past… Disabled nukes, the canvas bag incident, leaking users’ personal data… We really would love another patch.

For those who like Fallout 76, Bethesda also announced an update that includes a new mode without PvP restrictions and the possibility to run your own shop.

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