Doom Eternal is officially coming for Nintendo Switch

Thanks to Eurogamer, we can now have more details about the launch of Doom Eternal on Nintendo Switch. It is all gonna be good, guys.

After the reveal of Doom Eternal, the details about the Nintendo Switch version begun to surface. According to the executive producer Marty Stratton and the creative director Hugo Martin, Switch release of DOOM Eternal would target 30fps.

We don’t run at 60 on Switch. Doom 2016 didn’t run at 60 on Switch, it ran at 30, and really it was no sacrifice to the experience.

Bethesda is now working with Panic Button Games for the Switch version of Doom Eternal. Additionally, while being not really specific, Marty Stratton also said that they are doing pretty well and the game is really coming along as an answer to the 2019 release date question.

So sit tight and watch the Doom Eternal official gameplay reveal.

Stay tuned!

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