PUBG receives bullet penetration on body parts and dynamic weather

PC 1.0 Update #19 is now live and it introduces new mechanics. The long waited bullet penetration system is now available with some restrictions. Also, new dynamic weather effects will be seen in Erangel and Miramar.

The thing about the bullet penetration mechanic is that it actually offers a different approach to the aspect:

Bullet Penetration:

  • When bullet hits the arm/hand of the character, it will penetrate following its ballistic curve. The result will be different depending on whether the arm/hand is blocking more vulnerable body parts.
    • When a bullet penetrates a arm/hand and strikes a more vulnerable body part behind it, the greater damage will be applied. In other words, if a player’s arm/hand takes a bullet while blocking their head, the full headshot damage will be applied. This penetration system works for the head, torso, and waist only.
    • If a bullet penetrates the arm/hand, but no vulnerable body part is behind it, only the arm/hand damage will be applied
  • Arm/hand penetration is disabled for shotguns
  • Bullet penetration is not applied to legs.

As we can see, the bullet penetration is all about body parts. Whether there was a vulnerable body part behind your hands and forearms or not will effect the damage. Yes, we’re not talking about walls and doors. We’re talking about the hands and arms being used as cover. Jokes aside, this is a pretty good and detailed addition to the game as it might change a small part of the gameplay overall.

Dynamic Weather:

When it comes to the dynamic weather, I’d suggest watching the new video which can explain it much better than I ever could. Here it is fellas:

If you want more technical information about these new mechanics you can check out the PUBG Steam community page.You can also find the bug fixes in that entry along with screenshots of the new dynamic weather system.

Enjoy the video and the new mechanics and stay tuned for more fellas!

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