Ghost Recon: Wildlands receives a new mode this month where death is permanent

Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands is getting a new mode called Ghost Mode. In this new mode, people will have to play in a tactical way in order to succeed. It is originally a PvE mode where you will play cooperatively with others and try to survive. What is difficult is that you will be able to choose one weapon, you die permanently when you fail and you can kill your team mates (friendly-fire. This new campaign mode can be considered as a new difficulty mode with new features.

Moreover to these new features, you lose your remaining ammo if you reload when you haven’t finished the ammunition in weapon clips. All these features actually imply that you will be careful and tactically aware when you’re playing. On top of all, you can also make things harder by choosing between five different difficulties.

Along with this new mode, the game itself will also get new maps which includes one with a snowy mountain. Observer Mode will also be available.

You can see the full notes on Ubisoft’s website. The update will be available on July 24th for Season Two pass owners, and on July 31st for other players.

Stay tuned!

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