PUBG Update 14 is now live and here are the patch notes

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds receives a new update which fixes bugs, changes game mechanics and introduces new anti-cheat measures. The patch is now live and the only thing you have to do is to download it and play the game afterwards. The patch is available for PC only and here are the details:

First of all, throwables and M24 rifles are getting changes:

  1. Frag grenades: In a recent update we removed the frag grenade’s knockback effect, greatly reducing its potential impact. To restore the trusty frag’s killing power we’re buffing its effective range and its damage.
  2. Stun grenades: Stun grenades have never been the most popular pickups, and recent changes to frag grenade audio effects have made them feel a bit redundant. To make stun grenades more rewarding, they’ll now affect stunned players’ vision, hearing, and their ability to shoot accurately. We’re also bumping up the stun grenade’s effective radius and introducing new animations so it’s possible to tell when your grenades have stunned opponents. 
  3. Molotovs: These have traditionally been among the least popular items in the game. To make molotovs more useful, we’re increasing their area of effect, introducing new properties that allow fire to spread along walls and wooden surfaces in houses, and imposing new debuffs on players who catch on fire. Molotovs will also now explode when shot mid-air.

One last thing before we jump into the patch notes: we’re nerfing the M24, removing it from care packages, and adding it into the world spawn loot tables. Our goal is to make it a viable alternative to the Kar98k (that players actually get to use). As always, we’ll keep an eye on all of these balance changes and continuously make adjustments and improvements. 

Second, the overall performance is now improved and new anti-cheat measures are taken but it is only live on test servers at least for now. With this patch, the damage that frag grenades deal are separated to three different levels and stun bombs work as they should. Along with these tweaks, the patch also fixes many bugs. More information can be found on PUBG Steam page.

Enjoy the patch fellas and stay tuned for more!

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