Fractured Lands – An upcoming battle royale by Battlefield & Call of Duty veterans

Another day, another battle royale!

Fractured Lands is an upcoming first-person shooter, last-one-standing game by Unbroken Studios, a team of senior developers behind the Battlefield, Medal of Honor, and Call of Duty series.

Fractured Lands is set in a post-apocalyptic world where road warriors must out-drive and out-gun the competition in a battle to survive. While there’s plenty of arms to scavenge in the wastes, customizable cars are players’ most powerful weapons. Not just transport, vehicles are a seamless extension of the inventory or mounted with deadly upgrades to run down the competition to bring a new level of strategy to the Battle Royale genre.

The game is coming to Steam Early Access this summer after a series of closed betas the weekends of June 8, June 22, and June 29.

Stay tuned!

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