Beware is a terrifying driving horror game and it now has a playable demo

Beware is a horror game with an emphasize on driving through a foggy and scary highway and trying to figure out what’s really in the car that’s chasing you. Yes, this is probably the basics of the game. However, in practice it is much more than you can imagine.

The simple idea of the game is actually the best part of it. It doesn’t need anything exaggerated or cheesy to make it a really scary game. I can easily say that I got paranoid and scared after watching the gameplay video. It is surely enough to make you feel the tension even if you don’t play the game. Here it is fellas:

If you like horror games and if you are just like me and think that Amnesia was one of the best horror games that was ever created, I’m sure you’ll love this one too. There is one important mutual point between these games and it is the paranoia and the feeling of hopelessness. Why? Because there are no real ‘enemies’ that you can kill and keep moving. You need to run away from them, hide them or avoid them. You are helpless. And this game made me feel the same way.

If you are interested, you can try out the demo which is free. Expect bugs though as it is still on development. But the demo should be enough to clarify the main parts of the game.

The release date of the game is still not announced yet. But we will keep an eye on it for sure!

Enjoy your horrifying experience fellas and stay tuned for more!

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