Raiders of the Broken Planet is free to play on Steam for a limited time

MercurySteam has recently announced that their co-op action adventure tactical shooter game, Raiders of the Broken Planet is free to play on Steam until Friday.

“In celebration of the 1st anniversary of Raiders of the Broken Planet’s Open Beta, all three published campaigns, Alien Myths, Wardog Fury and Hades Betrayal, are available for free on Steam for 48 hours, starting today, May 23rd 7:00 PM CET/10:00 AM PST. Grab the campaigns during this time and keep them forever!”

The game received mixed reviews on Steam but it looks like a pretty engaging, full of action title with many interesting characters. In this game, you will try to finish different objectives with your friends. Here is the description of the game:

“Download and play this ETERNAL SOLDIER STARTER CAMPAIGN: 2 challenging missions that you can play 4 vs 1 or solo. Choose Harec or 4 other Raiders and help them rescue the legendary Lycus Dion from the claws of the Hades Division, or switch sides and play as an Antagonist.”

In order to get the game on Steam, the only thing you should do is to click on Install button and download it. You will also get to play all the new content released during the Open Beta.

Enjoy the free period fellas and stay tuned for more!

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