Battlefield V is officially announced gets a new trailer and details are revealed

After a long time of teasing and speculations, Battlefield V is officially announced during a live reveal stream and many important information were given. EA and DICE’s award winning classic shooter game, Battlefield will launch on October 19th and it will not feature any Premium Pass or anything.

The biggest question was the period in which the game supposed to take place. After Battlefield 1 which focused on the events of World War I, many speculations arose supporting the idea of a new Battlefield game coming back to its roots, World War II. And now, it is officially confirmed that the game will present the ‘untold stories’ of WWII.

As it was announced during the live stream, all new maps will be presented as free additions to the game. This is an unexpected but welcome step from EA and DICE to be honest. Many people were complaining about the expensive DLCs plaguing the game and now it is over, we hope at least.

Another information also confirms that a classic feature will come back to the game: War Stories. With this feature, players will experience different stories of different protagonists  Also, players will be able to play with their friends in “Grand Operations”. The game will also introduce a variety of customization options like company, character appearance, weapons, vehicles and more.

The best part about the reveal was probably the fact that the game will not support any kind of pay-to-win feature. After the big Battlefront II controversy, I think EA is taking its steps very carefully which is understandable.

This is all we know so far unfortunately. However, we expect to see more from Battlefield V during E3 Conference and we do hope to have a better idea about the multiplayer aspect of the game.

So, until then, enjoy the reveal trailer and stay tuned for more!

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