Overkill’s The Walking Dead receives a new character trailer showcasing Grant

Meet Grant in this new Overkill’s The Walking Dead trailer and see what you should expect from a grandfather on a quest to find his granddaughter. The third trailer of the game now showcases a different person with different problems. While the first two showcased kind of self-focused problems of Aidan and Maya, Grant seems to have a real quest other than just surviving. Here is the trailer:

The game is a co-op survival game where you will focus on the action part unlike the Telltale’s The Walking Dead series. You will have to work together with your teammates in order to survive. As we know that Overkill does a pretty good job with co-op games (take a look at Payday 2), I personally expect something good out of this long expected game.

However, we do not have any official information about the release date. But, we expect it to come soon.

So, enjoy the trailer fellas and stay tuned for more!

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