BioWare is currently working on an unannounced project and more details on Anthem are revealed

Recently, BioWare’s Casey Hudson has informed the gaming world that BioWare is working on another project which is expected to be like Dragon Age. The studio is now working on Anthem, an ambitious action-RPG game with beautiful visuals. Along with this new project, the blog post in question also has more information about this title too.

“It’s true—we’re trying something really different here. Anthem represents one way to deliver innovation and new experiences in the spirit of our mission. We also have teams envisioning future BioWare games, and they’re designing approaches that are different from Anthem—including one that’s very Dragon Age. As we try new things, I hope that you’ll come on the journey with us, and continue asking questions that will help shape Anthem into something we’ll all love to play.”

The game is not yet announced and we do not have any information about it. However, hearing that a RPG is on development by BioWare is enough to make me feel excited. As for Anthem, Hudson clarifies that the game will be centered on the player choices which was a big concern of many RPG fans, including me:

“As a player, I worry about these things too—which brings us to the last line of our mission: become the hero of your story. In a BioWare game, you should feel like the story is about you. You create your own character, you decide what happens next, and you become the hero. I think the reason people are concerned about whether these things are possible in a multiplayer game is because it just hasn’t been solved well before.”

Now I feel much better about this title. Hopefully, just like Hudson said, we will have more information in the near future:

“In a few weeks, we will be showing Anthem live to fans at EA PLAY in Hollywood and will have lots more details to share. The team is working super hard to get ready, and I can’t wait to hear what you think!”

Stay tuned for more!

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