Bethesda probably continues on teasing Rage 2 on Twitter after the WalMart incident and here are the details

The WalMart incident which lead to a huge leak about the upcoming games of many developers have been a focus point of Bethesda for the last few days. And now, it continues on teasing Rage 2 (or another game) on Twitter. At least this is what we (and many Rage fans) think. The tweets show Rage characters and they have clear signs of another Rage title.

The first hint we have is this:

According to this Image, we will most probably hear something from Bethesda on May 14th.

However, the biggest hint is the last tweet that Bethesda shared as you can see, a Rage character is visible on this one.

We still don’t know what these tweets are for and what do they mean. Some say that these are for Rage 2 and others think it is Starfield. However, we will be sure about it in a couple of days, that is I am certain of.

Stay tuned for more!

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