Darkest Dungeon The Color of Madness DLC launch date is announced

Darkest Dungeon, on of the most unforgiving games out there is getting its latest DLC The Color of Madness and the release date is announced. After Dark Souls franchise, Darkest Dungeon might be the second most frustratingly fun game ever. The turn-based somewhat RPG, tactical game offers a unique gameplay. And its new DLC seems like to be the same thing.

In this new DLC, you will take your poor heroes to The Farmstead and face the new enemy, The Miller. The DLC also offers four new buildings and new trinkets to buy. In addition, the new area will include new collectible Curios.


  • New region: The Farmstead!
  • Endless Quest: Survive as long as you can while getting lost in time and space, confronted by unending waves of enemies new and old, pushing ever closer to the crash site of the Comet.
  • Twisted new trinkets, available for purchase from the Jeweler. Put your gold away—he trades only in Comet Shards!
  • All-New Enemy Faction: The Miller and his loyal workmen have become eerie husks of their former selves.
  • 3 new bosses – The Miller, The Thing From the Stars, and the Comet itself!
  • New Curios help keep your party in fighting shape as you face the enless hordes!
  • Expand your Hamlet with 4 new District buildings and reap their benefits.
  • New Quirks, with unique and powerful effects!
  • Our biggest soundtrack addition yet from Stuart Chatwood

The DLC will be released on June 19th and it will be available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. You can get it on Steam, GOG.com and Humble Bundle. I can’t wait to put my hands on it to be honest.

Stay tuned for more fellas!

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