Conan Exiles is now available

Open-world survival game Conan Exiles requires us to hunt, farm, build weapons and shelter, explore, fight, kill and dominate. And the best part is where you wage war, sacrifice your enemies to gods on the altars and make divine powers work for you.

The game is developed and published by Fancom and today is the day it leaves Early Access. Conan Exiles is now available as a full title. A major launch update went out across all platforms, introducing massive new areas to the game world as well as bringing the game up from Early Access to the launch build on PC and Xbox One. The game is also available for PS4.

According to Fancom, Conan Exiles has sold over one million copies even before today’s launch. Well, according to Steam community, Conan Exiles is a better game than before since the recent feedback is very positive.

Previously, we’ve published a preview of the game which you can read here. It was kind of problematic, yet it was highly enjoyable to play. It is nice to know that Funcom delivers what they promised before the launch.

Here is the launch trailer:

Stay tuned!

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