New Fallout 4 mod lets you loot your own corpse

Another day, another Fallout 4 mode. Today, we are introducing to you the Death Matters mod created by OW3Nx25. This mod lets you loot the non-quest items from your very corpse.

When you die, you will respawn as a settler from your nearest settlement and looting your corpse will be given to you as a quest. Your new settler character will only equipped with basic armor and weapons, so looting your corpse will be a dangerous quest. If you die again, the old body of yours will be gone forever.

Here are the effects:

  • On death you will lose all non-quest items and your body will be left behind with any companions getting dismissed
  • You will respawn at the closest settlement where there is a non-unique settler for you to replace
  • Respawning at a settlement actually removes the settler you replace, so be sure to keep your settlements populated!
  • If there are no eligible settlements you will be returned to Sanctuary
  • As a new settler, you will only have some basic armor and a simple weapon
  • The game will track your body in a new quest once you’ve died but BE WARY, dying again before reaching your body will eliminate your old body forever
  • The Mod is not enabled until you acquire Sanctuary as a settlement

You can go ahead and download the mod by visiting here.

Stay tuned!

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