Far Cry 5 new event features a shovel launcher weapon if you meet the requirements

Far Cry 5’s new special event has started and it guarantees a shovel launcher if you kill wolves with a bow and arrow. The event (actually the job) is called Whitie Collar Job. After killing ten wolves, you will receive your gun.

The shovel in Far Cry 5 has already proven that it was the best weapon. People started playing as ‘Shovel Assassins’ as they used a shovel to kill their enemies silently. Pretty interesting eh? But if you want to be less stealthy and a little bit eccentric, you can now use this new weapon to clear out outposts and stuff. You can see the weapon in action in this video of YouTuber Fabian Bonk:

New events will be available for Far Cry 5 and when they do, we will let you know straight away fellas.

Stay tuned!

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