The first Witcher game is free on GOG if you subscribe to the newsletter

The first game of The Witcher trilogy is now free on if you subscribe to the newsletter and you also get a free Gwent keg containing five different cards. The first title of the series is not for everyone, I should warn you guys. It is pretty unpolished and it is an old game. However, just like other Witcher games, you can expect a pretty good story. Also, you will be able to experience the background stories of many characters.

The only thing you should do is to create (or use your existing account) and subscribe to the newsletter. In the game, be ready for a unique but pretty boring combat system. However, other than the combat, the game offers a pretty good experience. Well, it is free mates. So it definitely deserves your attention.

Enjoy the free game and stay tuned for more!

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