Radical Heights receives its first big patch improving overall performance

Boss Key Productions has recently released a big patch for theirfree-to-play battle royale title Radical Heights and it improves the performance along with other tweaks. The performance improvements are just the tip of the iceberg to be honest. From new weapons to quick melee option, there are many other new features coming with this patch.

Moreover, new anti-cheat measures are taken and now cheaters should have a hard time. The new weapon looks pretty cool if you ask me. Along with the weapon, new customization items are introduced.

Here is the complete list fellas:

  • Performance improvements across the board!
  • Players should see a good increase in FPS.
  • South American Servers added!
  • End Of Match Screen updates
  • Now displays kills
  • Layout changed to be able to view the action while End Of Match screen is active
  • Additional anti-cheat measures implemented.
  • Invisible collision, missing collision, floating building/fences etc fixed around the world.
  • Improved loot drops throughout the world
  • Various Inventory fixes
  • Improvements to game show event announcer VO.
  • Various audio fixes for death and end of match.
  • Audio tuning to increase important sounds (footsteps), and lower others (announcer).
  • You can now press escape to get out of the inventory and map!
  • Fixed Showcase Shootout locations where contestants couldn’t easily reach each other.
  • Fixed Gameshow events spawning in inaccessible locations (Spin To Win in rocks or houses for examples).
  • You can now rebind “Cycle Next Weapon” and “Cycle Previous Weapon”
  • Equip button now works on the recently discovered and featured tab.
  • Chinese and Japanese localization is now working properly (although still missing some localized text).
  • Fixed for various locations where loot was spawning in the ground.
  • New kill card customization options added for borders, backgrounds, and icons!
  • New cosmetics added to the world and prize room, find them in game to unlock their in-game cash prices!


  • Duo partners now win together!
  • Dead teammates will not receive the double cash bonus for winning.
  • Fixed bug where you would go to down state even when your duo partner is already down.
  • Fixed bug where only the final killer in a duo would see victory celebration.
  • Players who exit the game now drop their loot and cash.
  • Fixed bug where you could shoot from down state.


BMX Bikes

There was a large amount of changes done to the BMX Bikes for Patch 1. They will spin out of control less when riding normally, and we added in additional features to allow players to perform backflip as well as additional air controls. This now means players will also get knocked off the bike if they land on their head! We’re still tuning and tweaking the BMX, and we will continue to do so until we are happy with it!
BMX bikes should spin out of control less frequently.

  • You now have air control on bikes and can do back flips and spins (or just go for that perfect landing).
  • If you mess up on the BMX and land on your face, you’ll get knocked off of the bike now.


  • Armor is now correctly colored to reflect its tier.
  • Fixed bug that caused certain weapons to never roll gold tier – impacts python, m16, ak74u, m14, and m12.
  • Fixed bug with damage falloff causing close range damage to be reduced, mostly impacts pistols.
  • Fixed bug where dancing would unload your weapon.
  • Fixed bug where ammo in your clip sometimes wouldn’t drop on death.
  • Fixed zipline and trampoline stuttering/lag.
  • Fixed bug where you could get stuck in OTS camera.
  • You can now dive through large glass windows!
  • Fixed ragdolls playing footstep sounds.
  • Added a quick melee option, no more switching to fists to bash cash registers!
  • You may need to reset your key binding to default to get this to work properly!
  • Fixed issues with Spin to Win machines clipping into rocks and buildings.
  • Improved the interact detection for activating Spin to Win machines.
  • Added logic so Spin to Win machines won’t spawn right next to one another.
  • Fixed bug where some Token Arcade burgers could not be picked up.
  • New weapon: FAL Rifle
  • Noisemaker: improved randomization for maximal fakeouts.
  • All pistols increased range.
  • Level 2 armor protection increased.
  • Level 4 armor protection increased.
  • Aug reduced damage.
  • RX reduced throw speed.
  • Frag reduced throw speed.
  • Smoke reduced throw speed.
  • Uzi vending cost increased
  • Python vending cost increased
  • Level 1 armor vending cost increased
  • Python damage increaed
  • Rockets damage increased
  • RX damage increased
  • Armor models now visually lay on top of Puffy Vest cosmetic items.

Enjoy your improved game and new weapon fellas and stay tuned for more!

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