Take a look at God of War 3, The Last of Us & Skate 2 on the PC via RPCS3

Previously, we’ve shared videos of Last of Us and Red Dead Redemption running on PC via RPCS3, thanks to John GodGames Emus.

There were huge performance issues, framerate problems and glitches, specially when it comes to Last of Us. Yet, there is now a new video shows off some graphical improvements and the latest version of the emulator.

According to RPCS3, kd-11 improved RPCS3’s Z-curve implementation which not only resulted in the improvements seen in the video, but also improved colors in many FIFA and Need For Speed games. Jarveson, fixed exploding vertices in many games by correctly accounting for requested base index when calculating index offsets, now there is only a handful of games remaining with this issue. A longstanding issue with Ni no Kuni and Silent Hill: Downpour cutscenes was also fixed thanks to Gink’s first time contributions to RPCS3 this month. Many games have also made it into the Playable category this month.

Here, take a look:

Stay tuned!

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