The second survivor of Overkill’s The Walking Dead is revealed

Overkill’s The Walking Dead has recently received a new trailer showcasing the background story of another survivor, Maya. The game was delayed for a longtime before we had a chance to hear from it again. However, Overkill, the team behind many titles like Payday 2, had revealed the first survivor a couple of months ago. And now, we have a chance to learn another story. But first, let’s remember Aiden, the first announced survivor:

As you may guess, this game will be pretty different from the Telltale’s The Walking Dead series. This one will be a co-op FPS game with many action filled features. You will focus on the ‘survival by force’ aspect of The Walking Dead universe. Each character will have their unique abilities and you will have to work as a team to be able to actually survive. But without further ado, let’s meet Maya:

I don’t know you guys but I’m really excited about this game. It will be released sometime in Fall 2018 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Hopefully, we will hear more from it soon.

So, stay tuned fellas!

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