Survival game The Forest finally has a release date for PC

Four years! It has been nearly four years since The Forest hit Steam Early Access and finally, the game has a release date.

Endnight Games Ltd. finally announced that The Forest will be available on April 30 as a full game. In order to celebrate the launch, the game will be available for $14.99 instead of $19.99. Along with the launch, there will be performance fixes, improvements and many more.

Languages and controller support will be improved and officially supported at the launch. There will be a rethinking of the cold and warmth system, including a new warm suit. New buildables will be added. There will be some big performance optimizations especially for late game saves. Changes and improvements to how multiplayer save games work and along with this a bunch of dedicated server improvements. The multiplayer clothing system is being improved and expanded, with a new system to allow you to switch outfits.

The developers says that they will be given some details about a VR game mode when they are close to release. If you are an Early Access supporter, know that the waiting is over. If you are not, you will be able to purchase an improved game on the launch date with a discount.

Stay tuned!

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