This War of Mine is free on Steam for a limited time to celebrate the debut of Frostpunk

11 bit studios is on our agenda again with their upcoming steampunk survival game, Frostpunk. Maybe you can resist survival, but you can’t resist steampunk survival. Frostpunk is another emotionally challenging title like This War of Mine. Frostpunk will push you to the limits and make you think on such matters that you carefully try to escape from while you are in your comfort zone.

Frostpunk is set in a frozen world and to soften the blow of this overwhelming cold, people invented steam-powered technology. Frostpunk’s gameplay revolves around the last remaining city on Earth. We are the leader of its citizens and the infrastructure they live in. Like we delved deep into to harsh lives of civilians while playing This War of Mine, we will again taste the bitterness of life struggle in this frozen land.

When it comes to the great news, 11 bit studios announced that their previous successful title, This War of Mine is free-to-play until Sunday April 8th in order to celebrate the April 24th debut of Frostpunk. You can go ahead and give the game a try by visiting here. Trust me, you will not regret it.

Stay tuned!

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