Dark Devotion – An upcoming 2D action RPG

Dark Devotion is an upcoming 2D action RPG by Hibernian Works and the game was successfully Kickstarted recently. The game is getting ready to land on PC later this year.

Dark Devotion offers you to delve deep into a fallen Temple, and measure your value and your bravery through the deep shadows. You will have the chance to loot a lot of different weapons, armours and relics, which have their own qualities so that you have the chance to create your own build.

You will be collecting Faith by killing enemies and you will be using Faith to unlock secret paths, special chests, and more. With found items, you will be able to heal yourselves. A lot of other consumables are scattered in the Temple, but you must spend them carefully to survive.

Even though, Dark Devotion is a ruthless game since every door automatically closes behind you. Each world has 3 or 4 different paths. Each path has its own environment and atmosphere. Some of them are inter-connected. As you can guess, every game will bring you through different paths.

Behind this game, there is complex story which awaits you to uncover it. Discovering a text or a secret room will not be an easy thing ; however their discovery is crucial for the good understanding of the background as well as your progression through the game since they often contain useful and powerful items.

We will be back when Dark Devotion is available for purchase. Stay tuned!

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