The Witness and Wasteland 2 are the news games to be added to Origin Access

EA had recently opened the doors of origin Access to other publishers last month and now they continue on adding new titles in their subscription service with two new games. The first one to be added in the service was the Batman franchise and now, The Witness and Wasteland 2 are available on Origin Access. Along with these two, there are also games like Park Baseball 19 and Lost Castle in this subscription option.

For those who are interested, here are a couple of trailers:

The Witness is a cleverly designed puzzle game with colorful visuals and challenging gameplay. Wasteland 2 is the successor of the classic Wasteland which was released in 1988 and which is considered as the father of original Fallout series. It is developed by inXile founded by Brian Fargo. So I strongly recommend checking it out in or outside Origin Access.

Stay tuned for more!

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