EA starts working on improved and self-teaching AI and showcases it in a video

The future of AI is something pretty interesting and scary, according to many fantasy/sci-fi writers and EA recently showcased the first step to make the AI in gaming better. The AI in Battlefield 1 was tested during this experiment and the behavior of self-teaching AI is pretty amazing for sure. This 30 minutes of gameplay which only features the artificial players will explain what I’m saying:

Although the test is in its early steps, it is good to see that EA has started making the ‘mostly not intelligent at all’ AI better at actually playing the game. Many of us mostly complain about AI being poorly designed. This step forward might improve the gamin experience in the years to come, as it is indicated in the video.

“At SEED, we explore what interactive entertainment will look like in the longer term. While we do some academic research, we’re not a pure research unit. Trying to guess what the distant future holds has a tendency to become abstract, so we try to be as practical as possible and keep our horizon to technology that we think will impact interactive entertainment three to five years from now.” Marcus Norfin, Technical Director, EA

As Marcus Norfin indicated, this project has a huge future. That also means that we will have to wait before we can see actual self-learning AI. However, this will certainly improve the gameplay. If you are interested, I recommend reading the whole interview as it has many interesting and important points.

The ‘agents’ in the video has a couple of problems for sure. But they ‘learned’ when or where to  resupply and find healing. The important part in this video is that the ‘agents’ themselves learned and decided to take some specific actions. We might get more videos from this project in the future so sit tight fellas.

Stay tuned for more!

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