Bio Inc. Redemption Review

Bio Inc. Redemption is a complex biomedical simulator developed and published by DryGin Studios as the sequel to the famous Bio Inc. mobile game. The game is now available on Steam and I am lucky enough to lay my hands and eyes on this title, and share my first impressions with you.

Choose Your Side

While playing Bio Inc. Redemption, we get choose our side. Either we become a moral doctor who restlessly tries to save the patient, or we get to choose the side of evil and spread diseases in order to send the patient to the other side. The game requires you to make life or death decisions and in the very beginning, you get to choose your side.

Whatever you choose, the game offers a tutorial which is highly helpful since the game has complex gameplay mechanics. There are too many diseases, to many reactions to these diseases and too many ways to cure and spread the diseases. Along with that, there are treatments which cure specific diseases, tests to run, stats and symptoms to watch, resources to upgrade, Bio Points to collect, lifestyles to pay attention and finally, a goal to achieve.

First, I chose life because of the person I am. I always try to be good while playing games. That was my first mistake. The tutorial was nice and easy, not that complex if I must say. When the real game begins, the game warns you that you need to save the patient by completing the recovery.

You get to choose the gender and after that, the body will appear on the screen. Overall Heath screen to your left, tests and treatments to your right. Overall Health screen has tabs which show you the situation of the body. This tabs will be highlighted when blood cells and proteins spawn on the body. By collecting them, you will collect Bio Points and you will spend these points to test and treatments to save the patient before it is too late.

There will be symptoms and the Bio Map will give you some ideas when you click on the symptom. The map shows which part of your body is effected by the symptom and this way, open a little menu for you to guess the sickness. You will spend your Bio Points on test and treatments to save your patient. One disease leads to another, one symptom may direct you to the wrong direction and your patient will be gone forever.

It is never Lupus.

For example; say that your patient has alzheimer and showing little symptoms of it. If you are too late to figure it out, your patient may die even because of nervous breakdown. Say that your patient is complaining of sore throat and there can be many diseases may cause that. There are potential diseases, but you chose to check the lungs. Lung menu has various diseases listed below, and various tests to diagnose. Is it H1N1? Is it Lung Cancer? If you are getting too late, the patient will be transferred to the emergency room and everything will be so quick in there.

These little numbers you can see in the screenshot above show the effect of the symptom on this body part so you get to understand which part is effected most and look for a cure in there. Grey circles are the locked parts and can be unlocked in Risk Factors since they are effected by other dynamics like old age, poor DNA and such.

I must say that even though I tired my best on the good side for a couple of times, I was not able to save our patient, Game News Plus. She died very young and will be missed terribly. But, when I chose evil, I was the evilest creature on earth and I am not even sorry.

The Death Side also has a tutorial which shows you how to spread diseases. The Bio Points part works the same, but with Bio Points we unlock diseases and raise our chances to kill the patient. They get worse and worse while AI is trying to save them. You can see the treatments and tests they run on them, but if you are evil enough and follow a complex way to hurt your patient, you will achieve your goal. When they make their way to ER, there is only a little chance. Even though I was unlucky with the good side, I let the evil run through my veins and successfully killed the poor souls who trusted me with a cure.

After you successfully kill a victim, your stats will be shown. You can see that I triggered a colon cancer on our victim by playing little games on her digestive system. You start with little, but with Bio Points you will unlock more and more sever diseases. This sickness triggered her nervous system and I helped some more by spending my points on her nervous system, gave her a nervous breakdown. She went delirious, if I must say.

Bio Inc. Redemption offers over 600 actual diseases, symptoms, diagnostic tests, treatments, and other medical conditions with a stressful and enjoyable gameplay. Now, let us see other parts of the game.

When it comes to visuals, I can say that there is not much to see. You can only visit numbered screens and change the visual of the body by clicking the tabs listed under Overhealth Menu. But, they are beautifully designed and shows a realistic visual art. Patient’s animations are satisfactory and they react to the diseases by holding their body, vomiting and such.

When it comes to the soundtrack and voice acting, I must say that I love the part when I first clicked on Lupus. If you ever seen House M.D., then you know the quote “It is never Lupus.” The game will quote House M.D. if you choose Lupus, your character will laugh hysterically when you make them go delirious, they will whine if you choose them to be over 60 years old. I loved this, yet overall, I can not say that I enjoyed the soundtrack of the game. Random blood squirt noises may be disturbing after a while.

Here is something interesting: Unprotected Sex Roulette! This feature is one of the most funny parts of the game. By turning the wheel, you will be able to unlock exclusive diseases and try them on your patients. If you are unlucky like me, you can get No STD, but still, it is highly enjoyable.

I only tried the single-player campaign of the game because our beloved editor Umut’s computer dropped dead like most of my patients. Still, I enjoyed Bio Inc. Redemption at full, but I can imagine how enjoyable it can be in multiplayer. The game offers you multiplayer mode where you can battle against other players online in real-time. There is also a sandbox mode where you can experiment new treatments and test theories. Lastly, there are 18 challenging cases with unique twists and specific objectives. Bio Inc. Redemption offers too many ways to play the game and each one of them looks brilliant.

While playing the game, I’ve encountered with no bugs, glitches or crashes. The game runs smoothly on PC for me, but I can see that general feedback includes some complaints about constant and random crashes. For me, it was a trouble-free experience.

Overall, I can easily recommend Bio Inc. Redemption if you enjoy a stressful gameplay and make serious decisions. Bio Inc. Redemption is fun to play, maybe somehow addicted and surely will bring back memories about our childhood’s ‘Operation’ game. If you like what you read, Bio Inc. Redemption is now available on Steam.

Bio Inc. Redemption was reviewed using a Steam key provided by the publisher.

Bio Inc. Redemption Review


I can easily recommend Bio Inc. Redemption if you enjoy a stressful gameplay and make serious decisions. Bio Inc. Redemption is fun to play, and maybe somehow addicted and surely will bring back memories about our childhood's 'Operation' game.

  • An educational, stressful, complex and enjoyable gameplay
  • High replayability
  • Voice acting, specially the Lupus one
  • Addictive!
  • Detailed visuals
  • Great concept
  • Collecting Bio Points is a slow process and boring
  • Feels like a mobile game from time to time
  • Random blood squirts
  • Unbalanced difficulty between Life and Death gameplay

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