Newt One Review

Newt One may sound like a Pokemon name, but it is actually a colorful, lively, nonviolent 3D platformer which requires you to bring life to the game world. Newt One is now available on Utomik and I am lucky enough to lay my hands and eyes on this title and share my first impressions with you.

Before anything else, I find myself obligated to mention about the two-man team behind this game, Dev Jana and Ari Carrillo. DevNari believed that games can make life better and happier and as a result of this belief, Newt One was born. This is the reason why Newt One spreads happiness and is a nonviolent title.

The story begins with Newt getting a gift from Elders on his/her birthday. Not long after, he/she (we will refer to Newt as she from now on) learns that the Elders are missing and the musical land has fallen to the Great Slumber. Being a new tone in the musical land, Newt commits herself to this mission of bring life, color and music to the land and awake it from the Great Slumber.

The gameplay is simple: you touch everything to bring color to the world. With your touch, life spreads. The depressing world of Slumber turns into a colorful land filled with music. The game is designed as levels and each level has 5 achievements you will unlock during your gameplay. After each level, another one will be unlocked and you will continue your journey of saving the world. Newt One features 4 worlds with 6 levels each. Every world has a different concept like the first one is set in a forest and the second one is set on an island.

Newt One offers non-linear retro-3D platformer elements which is highly enjoyable. Your gameplay will be shaped while you go on, since you will give life to the land by coloring it. For example, you will wake littles owl and they will form a platform for you to reach a piece of land which is far away. A drum you will find will freeze the water so you can walk on it, a pair of wings will make you fly and land on a far away place.

Music is another part of Newt One which makes it so charming. Music adapts your gameplay and I find it most fitting. But, the most enjoyable part of the game is that you never feel stressed or under pressure. It is a calm and enchanted world which spreads positive thoughts all around. Restoring and shaping the world of Newt One somehow makes you feel complete and satisfied.

When it comes to the control mechanism of the game, it is highly easy and it will take you a second to get use to it. Like I said before, mostly you just need to walk and touch everything around you and bring harmony to the world. I encountered with no bugs or crashes during my gameplay and I believe Newt One will also provide you a smooth gameplay with its low system requirements.

As Newt One provides a calm and enjoyable gameplay which sweeps away daily stress for adults, it also offers fun hours for kids, I believe. Spreading music and color is never a bad thought and a nonviolent game is not something you can come across everyday.

Newt One is now available on Utomik and if you like what you read, you can visit here and give it a go. Also, the demo is available on and you can start downloading it by visiting here.

Newt One was reviewed using a download link provided by the publisher.

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