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Blasters of the Universe is coming to PS VR soon

Blasters of the Universe is an intense bullet hell by Secret Location and it is getting ready to launch on PS VR on February 27. The game offers ’90s VHS cover art with multiple full-featured Campaign levels, Endless modes and a chance to fight retro-inspired bosses. You can pick and choose from tons of parts and modifiers to make your own customized weapons.

We made Blasters of the Universe with Archiact to inject the pure intensity of classic bullet hell games with modern VR’s innate ability to immerse and impress gamers. This game also really takes advantage of VR’s accessibility, making the infamous bullet hell genre a cinch to pick-up-and-play while still honoring its challenging roots.

Here are the key features of the game:

  • Intense first-person bullet-hell gameplay that requires you to duck, dodge and maneuver through tons of enemies and hundreds of bullets
  • Customize your weapon with 130,000 possible load-out combinations
  • Battle for glory on the online leaderboards
  • Campaign mode with item and level-unlock system
  • Constantly updating Challenge modes with unique gameplay that ensures there is something new to play every day

Blasters of the Universe will be available for PS VR on February 27. Stay tuned!


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