Rainbow Six Siege gets a huge update and the patch notes can be found here

As many of you guys know, Rainbow Six Siege was already supposed to receive a huge update to improve the balance. Recently, the game has received the update and it changes a lot as well as it fixes bugs. Now, the update is out and, oh boy, it changes a lot. Let’s begin shall we? Here is a small list of the changes:

  • Ela’s SMG will have a reduced magazine size
  • Reduction in Concussion effects
  • Ash’s R4-C nerf (damage of the R4-C was reduced to 39 from 41)
  • Capitao’s Para-308 buff (damage increased to 48 from 43)
  • Twitch’s Shock Drone Ammo (max ammo for each drone reduced to 5 from 15)
  • Bandit’s barbed wire (Bandit will now have two barbed wire)
  • Lesion’s Gu mine refill timer (refill timer reduced to 30 from 35)

These can be considered as the balancing changes. And other than these, there are a lot of different tweaks and improvements. Full patch notes can be found on the official website. But here are the bug fixes in general:


FIXED – Shield exploit that involves Deployable Shields being held in front of an Operator.

FIXED – Attack Operators can appear as a 2D texture when approaching broken walls while holding the hostage.

FIXED – Certain operator weapons produce extremely bright smoke and can obscure the view of the players.

FIXED – Zofia dies after using Withstand when a match has a Handicap of 75 or less Damage.


Terrorist Hunt

FIXED – Bombers do not always spawn during a Terrorist Hunt Classic on Tower map.

FIXED – Last three enemies of a wave will get stuck behind the reversed table in 2F Meeting room.

Spectator Camera

FIXED – Switching to Dokkaebi on support mode during her gadget animation will show her gadget screen empty.



FIXED – Dokkaebi loses functionality, and a broken animation is present if Dokkaebi gets into DBNO state while hacking the camera system.

FIXED – No warning appears when Dokkaebi is out of Logic Bomb uses and tries to activate it.

FIXED – When in ADS, you do not need to hold the appropriate key to use Logic Bomb.


FIXED – Yokai is stuck and has framed camera rotation rate on uneven terrain/debris.

FIXED – The drones including Yokai have issues smoothly turning when navigating on certain destructible surfaces.

FIXED – The Yokai drone loses signal in multiple places on Tower.

FIXED – Echo drone can stick to the canister under Mira’s Black Mirror.


FIXED – Zofia’s LMG-E should have 150 bullets instead of 151.

FIXED – Users can extend the bleed out timer by spamming Withstand.


FIXED – Ying’s Candela will not go through the Ramps of 3F Watchtower of Oregon.



FIXED – Players can prone between objects at 1F Trophy Room and be pushed inside the wall or outside at EXT Campfire Wood.

FIXED – Nitro cells do not inflict damage if detonated on the plants from 1F Great Room.

FIXED – Defenders in Prone stance in one corner of 1F Dining Room are not contesting the objective.


FIXED – Bullets pass through the desk located at CCTV room.


FIXED – Player can be stuck inside a wall if they use the vault prompt on beer cases.


FIXED – Castle’s double door Armor Panels do not cover the entire frame.


FIXED – Player can vault in a specific location to get on a window frame.

FIXED – There are lights on the side of the tower, which can block an Attacker’s rappel trajectory.


FIXED – Due to a missing texture, players can exploit an area using drones and kill enemies.


FIXED – Attackers can plant the Defuser from outside the objective at Ext Main Entrance.

Theme Park

FIXED – Attackers can place a drone inside the barricaded window of EXT Sweet Shops.

FIXED – Vault prompt is missing on the rooftop of the building.


FIXED – Too much smoke appears when shooting with some weapons.

FIXED – Installing the latest graphics driver for AMD will cause a crash when explosives are triggered.

FIXED – Concussion and Sonic Burst effect applies to replays if applied after the start of replay.

Enjoy the update and stay tuned fellas!

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