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Addictive 2D sandbox survival UNRECT is out

The 2D sandbox game Unrect in which we take the role of a tiny colonist finally hit Steam today! Unrect requires you to shoulder a heavy burden even if you are a tiny colonist and offers an enjoyable gameplay for the ones who like survival genre.

While playing Unrect, you must dig, build and extend your colony like every living thing. You must collect and preserve the life source which is scattered around the world. This essence which is also ‘the life source’ will let us extend our colony and build a safe base for us to live.

You can build anything in this world by picking and placing blocks, as easy as walking.

Here are the key features of Unrect:

  • Collect Life Resources: Gather essence from mysterious caves or by eliminating your dangerous enemies. You can use the essence for regenerating health or creating new colonists!
  • Capture Enemy Settlements: Discover life capsules scattered all over the world and start creating new colonists! You can also regenerate your health, use fast travel and improve your abilities from life capsules.
  • Build a Base for Your Colony: Build a base for your colony to live in peace and protect it from enemy attacks. Buy various equipment and provide a comfortable life for your colony members.
  • Command Your Colonists: You can give orders to your colonists in tactical slow-motion mode, they act just like you tell them to. You can assign them to the turrets and capsules which are used for producing essence, or keep them as companions of yours. Remember, it is important to give the right command in a critical moment!
  • Talented Colony Members: Your colonists gain skill points as they work. Use these skill points wisely to make your colonists productive. In this way they can use turrets better, they become stronger and they work faster.
  • Plan Your Defensive Strategy: Build your base wisely to survive enemy attacks. Increase the power of your colony with various equipment and position your colony cleverly. Use traps, mines and other tools to make the enemies cry!
  • Take Hold of Enemy Bases: Beat enemies which guard life resources in the dangerous caves. Take your colony members as companions of yours and command them -although sometimes difficult- against your enemies and destroy them. Say hello to new life resources and companions!
  • Discover Vast Open World: Liberate these dangerous caves in the world of Unrect by eliminating your enemies. Gather essence capsules, discover new areas and expand your colony.

Unrect already started receiving positive feedback from the community and to think that it is a one man project, Unrect deserves some respect. If you want to take a look, Unrect’s Steam page is now live with 10% discount.

Stay tuned!

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