Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor – Martyr now has single-player campaign

The biggest content update for Warhemmer 40K: Inquisitor – Martyr is now available and the good news is that it adds single-player campaign to the game. With the update, we can now enjoy the first chapter of the single-player campaign.

Along with the single-player campaign, there came a new terrain setting, a playable class, gameplay optimization features, fixes and improvements.

Here are the full notes of the January Update:

New Features and Changes

  • Revamped Leveling
  • New map setting: Voidship
  • Implemented the first chapter of the campaign that also serves as the tutorial
  • New map clutter added: Blood Splatter, Decals, Corpses
  • Added Chatboxes above NPC heads
  • Intro video added


  • Main menu theme added alongside numerous other soundtracks
  • Tons of new sound effects added


  • Halved vendor buy prices when selling items
  • Refined AI & Patrol scripts
  • Mission select screen revamped – This change is temporary though, we will make mission starting faster in the future.
  • General chat has been regionalized
  • Cabal missions received a rebalance
  • Ally Guardsmen received a 100% HP boost and a +45 Defense bonus, while their damage was nerfed by 20%

Bug Fixes (Under Construction)

  • Fixed numerous issues causing item loss
  • Fixed an issue where players got thrown back to the bridge after successful missions
  • Fixed an issue where the spawn cutscene at the beginning of the missions got stuck
  • Attribute bar now fills up properly
  • Skill Trees now unlock properly
  • You can no longer sell items while the shop is reloading its inventory
  • Fixed a bug with the Hourglass Tarot card
  • Fixed a Fate exploit involving reselling blueprints
  • The small windows for missions are now displayed while in the Hub properly
  • Fixed issues with dual wielding 2 overheat-capable weapons
  • Added new rebel videos
  • Influence rewards are now given properly to players
  • In the stash, the tooltips can no longer freeze the game
  • Inoculator cooldown values now update properly
  • Fixed missing strings on the Glory window
    Fixed the Toughness III bonus

Chat Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where minimizing and restoring chat broke the whole window
  • Chat history no longer gets deleted
  • Chat is now updating while minimized
  • Right-click functionality no longer goes away
  • Chat no longer instantly appears on the character screen

Cabal Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where Cabal Assassinations could not be completed
  • Blessed Alloys can now be contributed properly
  • Electro Fragments can now be contributed properly
  • Cabal now updates members faster and smoother
  • Freshly joined cabal members can no longer disband and modify the cabal
  • Portrait frames will now only have the “Invite to Cabal” feature if the target
  • is indeed not a member of a cabal
  • Controller no longer gets chat window stuck


  • Lots of polishing done on the panel handling
  • Fixed force feedback issues
  • Redesigned Inventory/Comparision usage

Stay tuned!

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